Who are we

The team that takes you to Paradise...

Harmonia’s beginning…

The company “Harmonia Actividades Turísticas Marítimas Lda.” was founded on the 1st of June 1992, as the result of an opportunity to transport passengers from Fuseta to the “Island of Fuseta”, located on the Armona Island.

The company began with seven vessels originating from the Netherlands. With some work and repair, the boats were made seaworthy and passenger-ready.

Over the years and with an increase in customers, these vessels were replaced with a new, updated and modern fleet that enhances the passengers’ sailing experience.

In 1995 a new vessel, the “Vila da Fuzeta” was designed and built, and in 2004, the “Beirinha” was constructed. The Beirinha is a larger, faster vessel, that features more passenger comfort. In 2011 we welcomed the “Charnal” and 2015 is expected to bring the arrival of the newest vessel, “Mar dos Ursos”, meaning “Sea of Bears.”

“The success of a company

is the result of team work”

The company consists of a qualified team experienced in customer service and passenger transport.
In the administrative area we have skilled and qualified personnel in our offices.
In the transportation of our passengers, our skippers and qualified sailors have over 15 years of experience in local tourism and over 20 years of maritime experience. They are sensitive to customer needs, engaging and make the crossing to the beach a special experience.

Paulo Aguiar, António Silva, José Oliveira, Tomé Correia