Our Fleet

The boats that take you to paradise ...

Our Boats

Designed for maximum comfort, convenience and safety of its users, and equipped with a custom bar service and permanent cafeteria.

The Tourist Cruises in the Ria Formosa, had its beginning in one of the most typical fishing villages of the Algarve: Fuzeta. They will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the existing flora and fauna, which is in full balance with the various economic activities practiced all over the Ria.

Enjoy nature with “Harmony”.


This were the boats that started the Harmonia’s operations on 1 June 1992. These seven vessels were named after European capitals: Bern, Oslo, London, Lisbon, Madrid, Amsterdam and Stockholm.

The “Chalanas” could carry up to 32 passengers.

“Vila da Fuzeta”

As years go through and with the increase of the customers, it was necessary to replace these boats with a new fleet more current and modern that meets the needs of the company. So in 1995 a new boat was built the “Vila da Fuzeta” in homage to the land, with a capacity of 70 passengers.


In 2004 a new vessel was built and named “Beirinha”  giving more speed and comfort to our customers. Beirinha” can carry up to 78 passengers.


In 2011 was built one more vessel named “Charnal. “Charnal” can carry up to 90 passengers.

“Mar dos Ursos”

In 2016, a new boat arrives to our fleet: “Mar dos Ursos”, that will be doing Touristic tours in Ria Formosa. Contact Silvia Padinha to know more – +351 917 761 261silviapadinha@hotmail.com

The Future

Our ships are designed to the future, allways concerned with the environment and with the main goal to satisfy our clients, so they leave Fuzeta with memories of a wonderful vacation.